H2 Life Hydrogen Water Bottle

H2 life hydrogen water bottle

We have always dreamed of creating a hydrogen water generator that meets the needs of hydrogen drinking, hydrogen breathing and portability. A hydrogen bottle embodies H2 Life's signature technology and has the potential to redefine the possibility of hydrogen drinking water. In the creation of the H2 Life Hydrogen Water Bottle, our dreams come true.

H2 life hydrogen water bottle three colors

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SPE and Micro-nano Bubble tech

US DuPont 117

No ozone and chlorine. Equipped with DuPont 117 membrane to strictly separate hydrogen and harmful gases.Provide you with unprecedented pure hydrogen drinking water. Besides, it does not change the pH of the water. 

long dissolution time

three uses


comfortable grip

Longitudinal, Slim

The vertical cup structure is more conducive to the integration of hydrogen into the water. 

vertical cup structure

stylish and beautiful design

320ml capacity

hydrogen generator details

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three hydrogen producing indicators

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