H2 Life Portable Mini Hydrogen Water Generator

H2 Life Mini Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

Portable hydrogen water generator can be used with bottled water, now you can get high concentration hydrogen water anytime, anywhereMini and pocket friendly. Equipped with advanced micro-nano bubble hydrogen gas and SPE Tech, molecular hydrogen is better dissolved into drinking water. In addition, it also comes with DuPont 117 exchange membrane to provide you with pure hydrogen-rich water. Fight free radicals, the strongest antioxidant.

H2 Life Portable hydrogen water generator Advantage

Advantage Comparison Chart


New H2 Life Portable

Conventional Portable


Push and lock.

Screw on, prone to leaks, lacks pressure-reducing valve inside lid.

Body and parts in contact with water

BPA-free food-grade material.


Ion Exchange Membrane

US DuPont 117 membrane and multi-layer platinum plating.

Common ion exchange or DuPont membrane.

Electrode Plate

Advanced polymer electrolyte membrane electrolysis technology, 7-layer platinum.

Ordinary electrode plate.

Hydrogen Concentration

Up to 3700 ppb in 9 minutes with an average of 3000-3300 ppb.

Generally between 800-1600 ppb.

Hydrogen and Oxygen Separation Technology

Intelligent Emission hydrogen and oxygen separation.

No or incomplete hydrogen and oxygen separation. Hydrogen water contains other harmful gases.



Extended hydrogen potency.

Hydrogen dissipates quickly, which leads to hydrogen volatilization.


Touch switch.

Push-button switch.

Portable hydrogen water maker Features:

  1. Two hydrogen production modes, three minute mode and nine minute mode
  2. Equipped with SEP Tech and micro-nano hydrogen gas
  3. Molecular hydrogen is dissolved for a longer period of time
  4. Convenient and portable, suitable for outing
  5. Food grade materials, hydrogen drinking is safer